Awnings for Business

Make your business stand out with an attractive awning

Draw attention to your business and increase your company's identity recognition
Use to emphasize entrances and windows
Will protect customers from the sun, rain and snow
Reduce interior heat absorption, thereby lowering air conditioning expenses
Decrease the fading of interior furnishings and merchandise

Northeast Awning's Custom Stationary Awnings Division will work with customers to create eye catching commercial awnings to get your business noticed and protect valuable merchandise from harmful UV rays. 

We also offer the best selection of outdoor patio awnings in Upstate NY. Our patio awnings section includes both fixed and retractable options, which also come in many shapes and styles. Our awnings help keep outdoor patios cool and dry all summer!

Design your custom awning to fit your style and needs

Choose your fabric from hundreds of colors and patterns

Guide traffic toward your business

Entrance Canopies and Storefront Awnings

We have the ability to provide you with traditional or unique awnings, canopies or other shading structure that you need for your organization.

Depending on the style (of which there are many) there is usually a surface on which to have words, address and / or a logo. These awnings can be attached to your building or be free standing.

Draw attention to your business with a store front awning. A great way to illuminate your business, for visitors who are looking for you specifically or are passing by. Add Graphics and lights and you have an advertising campaign without equal!

Perfect for Restaurants, Retail, or Residential

Patio or Cafe Awnings

Extend your usable outdoor area with a patio awning for outdoor dining or seasonal goods. Restaurants can expand their seating area, retail business can expand their merchandise areas and businesses can add employee dining or break rooms in your outdoor setting.

El Mariachi in Albany
Include Your Own Custom Graphics!

Commercial Window Awning & Door Canopies

Window awnings have been used for many years to promote businesses, block the sun's harsh UV rays and decrease the fading of furnishing or merchandise.

There are many styles and shapes and most will allow for custom graphics.

Protect customers from the sun, rain, and snow

Walkway Canopies

A walkway canopy protects your clients for a longer distance than an Entrance Canopy.

These attractive walkway covers can redirect the sun, rain and snow to increase comfort of people walk to the entrance of your business or from one building to another.

It's Time to Transform Your Outdoor Space

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