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American Louvered System - NE Awnings

American Louvered Roof

The American Louvered Roof system patio or deck cover is the perfect fit for your home or office because it is designed to work with the simplest to the most complex roofs, fitting any shape you may need, including hexagon, curved, angled edge, or octagon, whether wooden, aluminum, or vinyl to provide you and your guests with optimum shading and coverage.

The American Louvered Roof is built and engineered to withstand up to 180 mph wind-load and up to 80 lbs per square foot of snow-load, so you can be confident that your roofing system is reliable rain or shine.

Pergola Style Louvered Roof System

The Pergola Style Louvered Roof System provides up to 2' louver overhang which can be constructed into an angle or curve to work with any hardscape or design.

With the Pergola Style, you'll find rainwater is less invasive than a guttered patio cover because the pergola is designed to allow rain to run off each louver, however, if a gutter is preferred, the louvers can be adjusted to overhang the rafter 1" and a gutter can be attached to the bottom of the rafter.

Features & Benefits

The American Louvered Pergola Roof System is the perfect patio cover that allows you and your family or guests to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

Made from extruded aluminum, this roof system provides durability and strength against weather and winds and protects your patio and patio furniture from UV rays, heat, and rain.

The Pergola Roof System is designed specially to fight again rust, corrode, and decay, so you'll never have to worry about touch-ups or paint, giving you less worry about maintenance and upkeep, and more time enjoying your patio.

American Louvered Roof System

A Patio Cover Like No Other